Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Something Scary for Halloween...

By Dale Bowling

Now here's something really spooky for Halloween.... If Mitt Romney gets elected, his budget and tax plan will kill millions of jobs over the next two years.

The Economic Policy Institute ran the numbers (such as they are) and found that if Romney fulfills his promises on the budget and tax plan, millions of jobs are at stake.

The main reason is that the Romney plan would cap government spending at 20% of GDP. This would represent a massive cut in government spending at a time when it is most needed.

Republicans like to say that government is always the problem and never the solution, but we know from plenty of experience in actual reality that government can help solve problems.

If there is going to be economic growth, somebody has to spend money. If the private sector is busy paying down debts or waiting to see what the economy brings, the public sector (Government) has to step up and be the grown-up. Once the economy is back on track, the government can ease off and pay down the debt it incurred in tight times.

You know, like America has done countless times since WWII.

But somehow Republicans have totally forgotten all of American history in the last 75 years and have decided that Herbert Hoover was on to something.

Republicans think that Government should just let the Invisible Hand of the Market push folks into unemployment, loss of health care benefits, and abject poverty- eventually it will sort itself out! That's the GOP take on all this.

You know why? Because that is going to cost rich folks the least.

If you commit the time to read the EPI's analysis, you'll find that President Obama's plan will create millions of jobs over the next two years. Instead of two millions jobs lost, that's two million jobs gained. So that's a 4 million job swing.

Why? Mostly because President Obama wants to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure. This would provide lots of Americans with jobs and fuel economic growth. Good roads, bridges and railways lower the cost of travel for both commuters and businesses.

Capping government spending at 20% of GDP can't build that.

It's worth noting that the American Jobs Act which encapsulates most of these job gains could have been implemented a year ago. The reason- Republicans in Congress wanted Obama to be a one-term President so they wouldn't vote for it.

Republicans choose Party over Country. Democrats choose America!


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  1. "Republicans choose Party over Country. Democrats choose America!"

    That just about sums it all up!