Sunday, October 14, 2012

The "Tell" on Social Security

By Dale Bowling

Poker players say there is such a thing as a "Tell", something a person does or says that unconsciously shows that he's lying. Everyone has a Tell according to poker players. You just have to pay close attention.

Something I have noticed from paying close attention is that Republicans will always say something is "indisputably true" when in fact, it is a lie.

Paul Ryan said in the Vice Presidential debate that it was an indisputable fact that Social Security was going bankrupt.

There's the Tell. Actually Social Security is in good shape. As is, Social Security is solvent for the next 25 years and after that only shows a slight shortfall. And that's if nothing happens at all in the next quarter century to fix that small drop in benefits.

So don't let Republicans "tell" you things about Social Security. It's not on the verge of imminent collapse. It will be there for you and your children. Unless we let Republicans privatize it.

You see, Paul Ryan supporting President Bush made a big effort to privatize Social Security a few years ago. Undoubtedly if Mitt Romney is elected President, we'll see this come up again as the solution to a problem we don't actually have.

Imagine if America's elderly had entrusted their Social Security to Wall Street over the last 5 years. Would you like to see Grandma lose half her benefits because Financial Deregulation allowed Wall Street firms to increase risk exposure above what was historically considered prudent? 

I didn't think so.

Republicans have faith the Market can do things that Government can't. This actually is an indisputable fact. The Bush Recession proved the Market can lose half your money overnight.

The guaranteed benefit through this existing government program that has worked super well for seventy years is called Social Security for a reason. It's secure.

Democrats will absolutely protect Social Security from privatizers. But only if they get elected. VOTE DEMOCRAT on Nov. 6!

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