Friday, October 26, 2012

Democrats Have The Plan, The Means And The Will

By Dale Bowling

The third quarter GDP numbers are out and they show the economic recovery is gathering steam. When added to the improving housing sector numbers and the lowest unemployment since Obama inherited the Bush Recession, this is good news for America.

America still has plenty of work ahead of it and Democrats have real plans for American growth that don't involve impossible math or magical intervention to make them work.

Democrats want to invest in America and Americans. We know that America's people is its greatest resource and that we are stronger as a nation when we have a better educated workforce. Democrats have already increased the number of Pell Grants available and established tax credits for families paying for college. Further, Democrats will build close relationships between community colleges and businesses to fuel an American resurgence.

Republicans think they might have money leftover to invest in America once they've cut taxes for millionaires and bought those fleets of ships the navy didn't want.

Now that the wars are ending, Democrats will to take some of the money that we've been spending abroad and use it to rebuild America. Construction of schools, highways, bridges, railways and runways will create a huge number of jobs in the short term and will continue to create jobs for years to come as businesses are able to take advantage of improvements to move goods and services more cheaply. This is good news for everybody. A straighter, better route to work means less time and less gas spent for commuters. There's no such thing as a Democrat highway or a Republican Bridge. Rebuilding infrastructure would help rebuild America.

Republicans on Infrastructure Plan? You can spend their tax cut on new tires.

Since our economy is so technologically driven, Democrats would invest in research and development of the new technologies that will establish American dominance in the 21st century. Republicans are famous for saying that government doesn't create jobs, but research and development does create private sector jobs. Has the internet created jobs? Government-funded R & D built that when the private sector lacked the motivation and ability to do so. Research and Development of new clean, renewable energy will help create jobs for Americans and energy independence for America.

Republicans on R & D? Not so much.

Ultimately it comes down to who do you really trust to rebuild America?

Republicans have proven over and over again, they'll run America over a cliff (think debt ceiling) it it gets them the White House again or tax cuts for wealthy campaign contributors. Their economic plan is mathematically impossible. They brought us to the brink of destruction, they'll do it again.

Democrats have produced steady growth for America and will continue to do so. Democrats have the plan, the will, the means. They just need the votes and that's where you come in.


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