Monday, October 22, 2012

Who do you trust with YOUR America?

By Dale Bowling

Who do you trust with YOUR America?

It's a simple question. It deserves a honest answer.

Do you believe that the Folks who wrecked the financial system, gave enormous tax breaks to the wealthy, turned the Clinton surplus into George W. Bush's massive deficits and helped bring on the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression should get another shot at it because Democrats couldn't clean up their mess fast enough?

YOUR job could depend on that vote.

Do you think that the people who never really liked Social Security and Medicare should be the ones to fix it? Do you think the standard of living you'll enjoy in old age means as much to them as it does you?

YOUR retirement may depend on that vote.

Do you trust the people who had both houses of Congress and the White House for six years and never once mentioned health care reform to do a better job than the ones who worked hard to actually make health care reform for America? Especially since we're all an intersection or a doctor's visit away from being uninsurable for life under their system.

YOUR life and health might depend on that vote.

Do you think that personal decisions about who you can marry or what you do with your body should be decided by politicians in Washington?

YOUR rights might depend on your vote.

Do you trust the people who deny that climate change exists to prevent the worst from happening to our Nation and our Planet?

YOUR children's children could depend on your vote.

Or should you trust the people who brought you health care reform, saved the economy from collapse, have defended your rights at every turn, protected the elderly, the poor and the sick against all calamities and would prevent the worst abuses to America's environmental health?

It's YOUR America, and YOUR future.


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