Thursday, October 18, 2012

Protect America!

By Dale Bowling

Governor Romney has said that he wants to have a system where regulators make it easier to do
business, not less.

Democrats want to help businesses flourish and protect the interests of the American people. Most of
the times those two things go together. When they don't, Regulators step in to restore the balance.

When American businesses are doing right by their employees, their communities and the environment government regulation doesn't hinder them much. However Regulation is a major hindrance to a business screwing the environment, its employees, its community and its country to shore up the bottom line.

Bank lobbyists used to argue that financial deregulation would create greater competition and this
would bring down prices and increase interest earned on deposits. What it did was encourage risk that
was passed on to the American people and ignited a crisis that nearly brought down our economy.

Energy companies, timber, mining, etc. often argue that they are so hampered by environmental
regulation that they can't do business. In spite of this, America is in the midst of an energy boom
largely fueled by natural gas drilled right here in the US. Regulation exists to make sure our
communities are not left to clean up the mess after the resources have dried up and the companies
move on.

The Republicans have a vision of what would lead to economic growth. In this vision, Government
doesn't tell you that you can't dump whatever you want wherever you want.  Government doesn't tell
you how treat your employees- you can pay them as little as the market allows and strip their benefits. Government doesn't stop you from taking on too much risk. 

It's a time honored tradition. Robber Barons made huge amounts of money that way. China is
experiencing tremendous growth right now playing by those rules.

America deserves better.

Democrats want to see America prosper, to see the dignity and health of Americans safeguarded, and
our environment protected. We can have all three. VOTE DEMOCRAT on Nov. 6


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