Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What are the Stakes of this Election? Part 1

By Dale Bowling

I've heard said that it doesn't matter who wins Congress or the White House because the end result is
always the same - gridlock and broken promises.

Democrats are not so cynical about Government. We feel that Government "of the People, by the
People, for the People" can achieve a lot of good for America and Americans. We're optimistic about
America's prospects because we know what Americans can do when Government and the American People work together.

So here are a few of the things that are at stake in this election.

A Fragile Economic Recovery:

After the Bush Recession destroyed literally millions of jobs, the White House and the Democrats in
Congress have picked up the pieces and built a slow, but steady recovery. Do we want to reverse
course back to the same policies that brought us to the brink to start with?

Democrats believe in investing directly in America.

Republicans would deregulate everything, cut taxes mostly for millionaires and then hope market
forces influence people to invest in America without upending the system for the benefit of a few.

You know, like the last time Republicans were in charge.

Weakened Safety Net:

Do we want to continue to protect seniors by providing them with affordable health care? That's the
Democrat's plan. Republicans want to give seniors private insurance vouchers and trust the market to
make sure the voucher keeps pace with medical costs.

And where would our Nation's seniors be if Democrats had not prevented Bush and Co. from privatizing Social Security? The stock market lost half its value at the end of Bush's term. Republicans trust the Invisible Hand of the Market, but that Hand would have shoved a lot of seniors into poverty without the Democrats there to stop it.

And of course, Democrats reformed health care so that no American need worry about whether he'll be covered if he gets sick. Since pracically every single American is a doctor's visit or an intersection
away from being uninsurable for life under the Republican plan, this is a big deal. Do Americans really want that worry back?

Tomorrow we'll pick up this discussion again. Just a reminder, we can make the change we want in
the world. VOTE DEMOCRAT on Nov. 6.

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