Friday, October 5, 2012

Latest Jobs Report is Good News for America.

By Dale Bowling

The latest jobs report shows good news for America.

The Report showed that over 114,000 jobs were created in September and that 86,000 more jobs were
created in July and August than previously reported. This brings unemployment down to 7.8%. 

This marks the first time in 44 months the unemployment rate is below 8%.

The job market has improved steadily ever since the Democratic Stimulus helped America find the
bottom of the economic crisis in 2009-10 and begin the recovery from the Bush Recession.

The US has seen 29 straight months of employment gains, but has especially picked up steam this year. These gains come from jobs created rather than people ceasing to look for work.

In four years President Obama has already exceeded the number of jobs created by George W. Bush in 8 years.

With a hard-won economic recovery for the American people still so fragile, is now the time to return to the same Republican policies of tax cuts for millionaires and deregulation of businesses that wrecked the economy in the first place? NO!

Vote Democrat on November 6 for a Stronger, Healthier America!

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