Sunday, June 22, 2014

Join Shannon Burns in Upcoming Parades

Hi Everyone!
Hope to see you at one - or more - of the upcoming summer parades!  See below for dates.
Everyone loves a parade!
There are several summer parades in District 6; my campaign has an entry in all of them.
I could use your help at one, or several, parades.  Parade helpers carry signs or a banner, hand out cards or candy, or just walk and wave at the crowd.  Kids are welcome to participate too!  All of the parades are fun, with friendly people watching on the sidelines.  We provide water and my husband Dave turns our truck into a unique forest preserve float.  See below for a list of parades.  If being part of a parade sounds good to you, I’d love to have your help.  Call or email me for more details!
July 3:  Warrenville.   Meet at 5:30 for a 6 PM parade.  Done by 7:30 PM.
July 4:  Carol Stream.  Meet at 9:15 for a 10 AM parade.  Done by noon.
July 6:  Bartlett.  Meet at 12:15 for a 1 PM parade.  Done by 2 PM.
July 13:  West Chicago.  Meet at 12:15 for a 1 PM parade.  Done by 2 PM.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pride in the name of love

President Obama just took a huge step forward in the fight for LGBT equality.

This week, pridehe proposed an executive action that would prohibit companies that receive federal contracts from discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

That's because it's unthinkable that -- in 2014 -- someone could be fired for who they are or whom they love.

That's why the Senate passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act last year, which would protect all LGBT Americans from workplace discrimination. But Speaker Boehner is blocking it in the House by refusing to take a vote.

It's Pride Month across the country -- a great time to reflect on how far we've come in the fight for equality. In just a few years, we've repealed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the Defense of Marriage Act has been struck down, and nearly half of all Americans live in states where same-sex couples can now get married.

That's progress, and it's happening whether the opposition likes it or not. We're winning, because there are millions of people like you who are out there fighting for it.

When a state legislature in Arizona voted to make it legal for businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples, people organized and the governor vetoed it. That's the kind of action we need whenever any interest group tries to turn back the clock.

In 2014, discrimination against LGBT Americans shouldn't be legal anywhere -- President Obama and a bipartisan majority in the U.S. Senate have stood up and said that.

By refusing to hold a vote on ENDA, Speaker Boehner is taking a stand, firmly on the wrong side of history.

Call him out -- add your name, and stand up against discrimination today:



Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

Friday, June 20, 2014

Join Team Quinn in Villa Park 6/21. Register Voters for a Bluer DuPage

Contact John Geahan right now to confirm your shift availability for their registration drive. They have a great targeting system that helps The Governor AND our local Dem party in the long run.

Shifts start at 9:45, 11:45 and 1:45 and start at the law offices of James Reichard 27 W Park Blvd in Villa Park.

Contact John right now at

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Moving Forward on Student Loan Justice.

President Obama on Student Loan Debt: "No Hardworking Young Person Should Be Priced Out of a Higher Education"
David Hudson June 09, 2014 06:59 PM EDT
On Monday, President Obama took another step to expand opportunity for all Americans, by making student loan debt more affordable and manageable to repay. The President signed a memorandum directing the Secretary of Education to propose regulations that would allow nearly 5 million federal direct student loan borrowers the opportunity to cap their student loan payments at 10 percent of their income.
President Barack Obama signs a Presidential Memorandum on reducing the burden of student loan debt, in the East Room of the White House, June 9, 2014. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ah, Imploding Republicans!

For tea party Republicans, House leadership hopes turn into disappointment  June 13 at 6:46 PM
Longtime conservative activist L. Brent Bozell called several reporters late Tuesday to boast about the tea party’s stunning upset of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Virginia’s Republican primary. When asked what he would do next, Bozell laughed and said he was going to have some more lasagna with the conservative operatives who happened to be dining at his house.
Across the Potomac River in his first-floor suite at the Capitol, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy started making calls, too — but not to the press...  
To Read More:

Monday, June 16, 2014

Still a chance for a beautiful Golf Outing Dinner with your favorite Democrats and the Unions who support them!

You know what?

Cocktails begin at 5.

Dinner at 6.

Bring your check book and just show up.

There will be plenty of delicious food ready for you (and some prizes too if you get there in time to purchase a few raffle tickets!).

We want to hang with you so come on down to:

St Andrews

St. Andrews Golf & Country Club
2241 Route 59
West Chicago, IL 60185
(630) 231-3100

Friday, June 13, 2014

Women of Color Driving Entrepreneurship.

How Women of Color Are Driving Entrepreneurship

By Farah Ahmad

Women of color are a principal force behind one of the most important components of America’s current marketplace and our nation’s future economy: entrepreneurship. Today, women of color are the majority owners of close to one-third of all women-owned firms in the nation. As our nation grows increasingly diverse, the contributions of women of color in the economy also stand to grow. A 2009 Center for Women’s Business Research study found that the 8 million U.S. businesses that are majority owned by women had an economic impact of $3 trillion annually that translated into the creation and/or maintenance of more than 23 million jobs, a total that made up 16 percent of all U.S. jobs. Given the rates of growth among women of color businesses, these positive impacts to the nation’s economy stand to grow even further.

Many women of color who become entrepreneurs do so in order to pursue their innovative desires. But too often, structural obstacles in the traditional workforce limit women and push them to find alternatives such as entrepreneurship. Understanding women’s roles and challenges in entrepreneurship—as well as the traditional workplace—is essential to ensure that women can succeed regardless of which career path they choose.

Read more and download the full issue brief here.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Support Dennis Anderson at the Warrenville Town Hall

Dennis Anderson Town Hall Tour Stops in DuPage County
Public Forum to be Held June 11 at Warrenville Park District
Dennis Anderson, Democratic Candidate for Illinois‘14th U.S. Congressional District, will hold a public town hall forum from 7:15 to 8:30 PM on Wednesday, June 11, at the Warrenville Park District, 3S260 Warren Avenue. All constituents in Warrenville and neighboring communities are encouraged to attend and bring questions for the candidate (who will be there in person).
The Anderson Campaign is observing the time-honored American tradition of the open political town hall forum as a highly effective way for candidates to talk directly to constituents regardless of party affiliation.  The Warrenville Town Hall is open to all and scheduled in the evening to meet the needs of working constituents. The campaign will hold town hall meetings throughout the District for the entire the campaign season. 
Throughout the country – including here in the Illinois 14th – we’ve seen a reluctance on the part of incumbents to participate in unscripted public forums with constituents, particularly in joint forums with their challengers.  The Anderson Campaign believes that town halls are a valuable opportunity for candidates and constituents to meet and to hear from one another.
Upcoming town hall tour stops include Antioch, Sandwich, McHenry, Elburn, Gurnee, Plainfield, Yorkville and Huntley. For more on future town hall dates, go to:
A resident of Gurnee, Illinois, Dennis Anderson is the Democratic candidate for the United States Congress for Il-14, a seat currently held by Republican Randy Hultgren.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 9 Deadline to Register for Golf Outing is upon us.

The Weather is ALWAYS sunny on golf outing day.
The BBQ is delicious.
The carts are zippy.
The beer and soda are CCCCOOOLLLDDD!
And dinner after is full of raffle prizes alongside a sumptuous buffet.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Jean Kaczmarek, County Clerk Candidate, Gets the Floor.

Why does county clerk get a much higher salary?In every county in Illinois, the electoral process is carried out by the county clerk’s office, with one exception—DuPage. We are the only county with an independent county-wide electoral process. I’ve been critical of this structure while witnessing years of conflicts of interest, patronage appointments, and massive overspending.
A conspicuous and strangely overlooked chunk of this overspending has been the bloated salaries at the top. I’ve compiled the clerk salaries of the top 10 most populated counties in Illinois aside from DuPage; they range from $81,500 to $121,700. The average salary is $99,700. If you ask any of these county clerks what their number one responsibility is, he or she would say administering elections.
Our county clerk has nothing to do with elections, yet he receives $143,000. That’s 43 percent above the average, with the least amount of responsibility. Our election commission director makes $135,561. The Lake County county clerk told a local newspaper, “I’ve always joked that it takes two highly-compensated men in DuPage to do what I do.”
Our county clerk was quoted in the media last year, “I’m glad I don’t have to worry about elections.”
If our county clerk doesn’t want the headaches and workload of the other 101 county clerks in Illinois, then he shouldn’t be paid so well. He shouldn’t be allowed to have it both ways.
This month, the DuPage County Board will be voting on the salaries of elected officials. If there is no willingness for the office of DuPage County Clerk to conduct the electoral process, then the salary should be cut in half. If the board disagrees, they must justify to taxpayers why they should pay more for the same services other counties receive for a lot less.
Half the job, half the salary.

Jean Kaczmarek
DuPage County Clerk
Glen Ellyn

Friday, June 6, 2014

And our Democratic Bus rolls on in DuPage. Get on the bus!!

Democrats find candidates to challenge GOP in DuPage races

DuPage County's Democratic organization doesn't want to concede two high-profile countywide positions and several county board seats to the Republicans without a fight.
To prevent that from happening, the party has picked candidates to run in the November election for DuPage County Board chairman, DuPage County Forest Preserve president and three county board seats.
No Democrats ran for those positions during the March primary. But party leaders were able to select candidates for the general election as long as each hopeful gathered enough signatures to get on the November ballot.
The emergence of new Democratic candidates means DuPage will have a dozen contested races at the countywide, county board and forest preserve level.
"I always believe that a Democrat should be there on the ballot along with a Republican," said Robert Peickert, chairman of the DuPage Democratic Party.
So Joe Cantore of Oak Brook, the Republican nominee for forest preserve president, likely will face Democrat Brian Wolter of Carol Stream during the general election. The winner will replace retiring forest preserve President D. "Dewey" Pierotti Jr.
Meanwhile, Peickert has agreed to run against county board Chairman Dan Cronin.
Party leaders asked Peickert to seek the county board chairman position because they didn't want Cronin to run unopposed.
"I'm looking forward to campaigning," Peickert said. "I will be raising some funds. And I will be putting together my platform to let people know what I plan to do as chairman of the county board."
Cronin, who is seeking a second term as county board chairman, faced no opponents in the Republican primary.
He said he's not surprised Peickert wants to run.
"I don't expect to run unopposed," Cronin said. "If there's a race, I'm happy to talk about our record and give people an opportunity to compare what we've done and what he may propose."
Before the campaigns can start, it must be determined whether anyone will challenge the petitions filed by Peickert, Wolter and the other Democratic candidates.
Objections to any of the candidate's nominating paperwork must be filed by the end of Monday, June 9.
According to DuPage Election Commission officials, Peickert and Wolter each need 998 signatures to appear on the general election ballot. Peickert said his petition contains more than 2,200 signatures.
Because only three Democrats ran for six county board seats during the primary, party leaders picked Roland "Rolly" Waller, Max J. Havlick and Regina Drucilla Brent to challenge three other Republican incumbents.
Waller of Bensenville plans to face Paul Fichtner of Elmhurst for a District 1 seat. The district includes all or portions of Addison, Bensenville, Bloomingdale, Elmhurst, Glendale Heights, Itasca, Lombard, Roselle, Villa Park and Wood Dale.
Havlick of Villa Park hopes to run against Peter DiCianni of Elmhurst for a District 2 seat. The district covers all or portions of Addison, Clarendon Hills, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Lisle, Lombard, Naperville, Oak Brook, Oakbrook Terrace, Villa Park, Westmont and Woodridge.

Brent wants to face fellow Aurora resident Tonia Khouri for a District 5 seat. The district includes parts of Aurora, Lisle, Naperville, Warrenville and Woodridge.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Support Veterans with REAL service not Lip Service

This week, the U.S. Senate has a chance to take meaningful action to improve veterans' health care.
Join VoteVets and Campaign for Americans Future and tell your Senators to vote for Bernie Sanders' Restoring Veterans' Trust Act of 2014.

Here's what the bill does:
1. Authorizes the VA to hire new doctors and nurses, closing the gap between a growing number of veterans returning home to seek care and the number of health care professionals able to deliver it.
2. Allows the Department of Veterans Affairs to increase the number of locations delivering care by leasing twenty-seven new health facilities in eighteen states.
3. To address long-term needs, the legislation awards scholarships and forgives student debt for health care professionals willing to accept positions at the VA.
These are important steps Congress should take right now in order to improve short and long-term care for our nation's veterans.
In late February, right-wing Senators led a filibuster against similar legislation that would have struck at the root of problems within the VA system.
It's time to end the talk and take some action.
Sign the Petition Supporting the Sanders VA Bill

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Governor's Monthly News: Helping you support the best man for the job.

Governor's Monthly Newsletter

This electronic newsletter is an opportunity for you to learn more about what we’ve accomplished in Illinois government, and how you can get involved. Whether it’s volunteering in a Serve Illinois volunteer project, receiving state services, or learning about new laws and programs, I want to ensure that you know what’s happening in your government.
If you have ideas for improving any State service, program, or this very newsletter, please click here and let us know.

Pat Quinn

Featured Articles

Statement from Governor Quinn on End of 2014 Legislative Session

Governor Pat Quinn released the following statement on May 31 regarding the end of the 2014 legislative session:
“With unemployment today at its lowest point since 2008, Illinois is making an economic comeback.
“This legislative session we accomplished several important bills that will strengthen that comeback by building and protecting the middle class, while benefitting working families.
“We’re launching a new highway construction and road repair program that will put thousands of people back to work. We passed legislation to improve our Clean Water Initiative, which will put more people back to work with projects repairing and improving water infrastructure across the state.
“And we passed a bill that builds on our progress in building a greener economy by increasing the use of solar energy by consumers, driving down energy costs and creating hundreds of new jobs.
“Together we passed a landmark bill that will prevent discrimination in the workplace against women who are pregnant. And we continued the state’s commitment to implementing the Affordable Care Act, which has resulted in 546,000 more people having health insurance in Illinois today who did not have it one year ago.
“We also passed legislation to reform grant procedures and strengthen oversight to make state grantees more accountable than ever and make Illinois a leader in grant accountability.
“Democracy is always strongest when people have the opportunity to make their voices heard. That’s why it’s good for voters to get a chance to speak on important topics like raising the minimum wage, tax fairness and ensuring women have access to birth control.
“While we have much more work to do on the budget, I thank members of General Assembly for their work on these many issues during the legislative session. Let’s keep Illinois moving forward.”

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shannon Burns can and will win and your support ensures that. Join her June 5th

Shannon Burns Fundraiser


DuPage Forest Preserve Commissioner Shannon Burns

Thursday, June 5th 2014
5:30pm – 7:30pm

IBEW Local 701
28600 Bella Vista Parkway
Suite 100
Warrenville, IL 60555
Contribution Levels:
Sponsor: $1000 Host: $500
Friend: $100 Individual: $40
RSVP requested, but please feel free to attend without one!
For more information or to RSVP, contact:
Shannon Burns @ 630-779-4893 or