Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Republicans Want You To Believe In Magic

By Dale Bowling

The Debate last night laid out the two candidates' and two parties' positions more clearly than ever
before. The difference between them lies in their respective beliefs about what will create a thriving

Democrats believe in hard work, incremental progress and wise allocation and protection of our
country's resources - especially America's most precious resource, the ingenuity and sweat capital of
the American people. Democrats believe these things will build a better America.

Republicans believe in Magic. 

Yes. Magic. This was obvious throughout the entire debate.

Science teaches us that if we do the same thing over and over, we'll get the same result each time.

Romney in particular and Republicans in general believe that they can do the exact same thing today
that they did under President Bush and create a properous America when last time it created an
economic disaster.

This is magical thinking. 

And what is this witches' brew, this recipe for disaster? Same as before - low taxes for millionaires and removing regulation on businesses.

And this magical elixir will work its miracles and solve all of America's problems. Want equality in the work place? Strong employment (brought on by low taxes and low regulation) will fix that. Now we've had strong employment before, you might protest, and the free market has never solved that problem. Why would it now?


And the math that doesn't add up on the Romney/Ryan budget? How can Republicans cut taxes $5
trillion, keep the Bush tax cuts and still have plenty of money left over to invest in education, the
military, etc. and not have it hurt the middle class or have it go on the National Credit Card?

Only a powerful spell could turn this hunk of garbage into electoral gold.

And if Republicans repeat the incantation that "Government cannot create jobs" enough times it might make people forget that Government creates huge numbers of jobs, either directly as in the case of the military, teachers, police officers, firefighters, librarians, etc. or indirectly through investments in infrastructure, research and development, etc.

Takes a mighty magician to pull that out of his ... hat.

If you believe that Republicans can turn the policies that brought on the Bush Recession into winning
policies today then you believe in magic. Vote Voldemort 2012!

If you think that America has a lot of hard work ahead of it to consolidate and extend the gains we've
made and we all need to be in that struggle because it benefits us all, then you should vote Democrat on Nov. 6!

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