Monday, April 1, 2013

The Debut of Sandy's Lighthouse

 SANDY'S LIGHTHOUSE Edition I by Sandy Gresak
                                                                                          April 1, 2013

This is a new adventure for me in my life. Something that has taken me out of my comfort zone.

Just recently we lost Dale Bowling.  Dale devoted his time to The Democratic Party of DuPage Co., by passionately writing about life. He gave his insight to what was happening within our government, and how it has effected his life as it did many others. I have some awfully big shoes to fill.

If there is a subject matter you want included you can follow us and leave comments at:

There are so many issues, maybe we can open up new dialogue.

We would like to hear your OPINION. Opinions are so important. It is the one thing that can't be taken from us. It is one thing we have an entitlement too. And, it is one thing that starts dialogue and gets everyone involved.

 The following is digested from the very thorough (but quite a bit longer) emails that have been sent out to inform citizens and candidates since 2008 by Paul Sjordal. If you would like to receive those, see his email address at the bottom.

I read the following article and was thrilled to see that our young Americans are focusing more on what is going on in their own communities. There is a group of students, in Elgin, that took on a project about how elections on the local level affect them...

Students focus on why local elections are important “What would you do if the park district closed the local gym because of budget problems? What if the city stopped providing garbage pickup and your street became infested with raccoons? First, you'd get mad. Then, you'd have to make your voice heard in the consolidated election, which takes place April 9. That's the serious message in a humorous video produced by a group of six students from the Youth Leadership Academy in Elgin, a selective program for economically disadvantaged kids in seventh to 12th grades.

Minimum Wage Workers In Illinois Must Work More Than 80 Hours Per Week To Afford Rent “... An Illinois renter must earn $17.02 per hour to afford the Fair Market Rent (FMR) price of $885 for a two-bedroom apartment, according to the report. That translates to $2,949 per month in income, or $35,392 annually, to ensure the renter spends less than 30 percent of their income on housing. But the minimum wage in Illinois is $8.25. Meaning, minimum wage workers must work a staggering amount to avoid destitution.…

DP*Despite a federal ruling that Illinois' concealed carry ban is unconstitutional, police, prosecutors and judges alike say they are disregarding the finding and continuing to enforce the law — at least for now. Police say they continue to arrest those who violate the state's ban on carrying a gun in public, and prosecutors continue to charge them.…,0,6942232.story

H/T Paul Sjordal...You can reach him at
Newsletter 3/28/13

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