Sunday, April 14, 2013

Guns don't kill people, toddlers do

Over last weekend, a four year old picked up a loaded gun--that had been set down JUST SECONDS BEFORE by a police officer--and fatally shot a woman. WOW. That fast. If anyone postulates that illegally purchased guns aren't just laying around everywhere wreaking both intentional and accidental havoc, they are certainly gravely mistaken.
While stronger gun laws may not have prevented this tragedy, you can be sure that they would certainly erase many tragedies like this that probably go unreported everyday and add up to many many Newtowns.
WHAT WE DO KNOW NOW: Weak Gun Laws EQUAL more violence and death
Get out your list of DEMANDS from gun laws to SSN and call NOW. Here is a wonderful resource page for doing that

While many factors contribute to the rates of gun violence in any state,our research clearly demonstrates a significant correlation between the strength of a state's gun laws and the prevalence of gun violence in the state. Across the key indicators of gun violence that we analyzed, the 10 states with the weakest gun laws collectively have a level of gun violence that is more than twice as high-104 percent higher-than the 10 states with the strongest gun laws.
Here is the map:

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