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Sandy's Lighthouse

SANDY’S LIGHTHOUSE Edition | by Sandy Gresak
 "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." ~Martin Luther King Jr
The perfect piece after an awesome quote
Is there anyone who doesn't love to hate Joe Walsh, the Ex Eighth District Congressman and next Chairman of the Illinois GOP? Count in the Illinois Review -- where Walsh recently posted an Internet Top Ten List. Walsh listed eight simple steps that will save Illinois: (A week ago, I had his eight simpleton steps, but this blogger has added two very prescient ones.)
One of our own...A Hero From Bolingbrook
Doctor from Bolingbrook was on front line of Boston bombing “At times amid the screams and the crying and the blood at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, Dr. Jocelyn Hirschman said she felt sick at seeing the horror unfolding before her eyes, but she continued to bandage and give fluids to the wounded and tried to comfort them and their families. “I felt that it was a such a tragedy to see what was happening to people,” she said Tuesday.
WOW...what do you think?
Plainfield School District 202 will pay Naperville-based Edward Hospital about $750,000 over the next three years rather than in one lump sum through an agreement negotiated in response to a change in state tax law. The District 202 Board of Education approved the agreement at its regular meeting on Monday. Last summer, the Illinois General Assembly approved a new law that allows non-profit hospitals to be exempt from local property taxes if they can show that they have done charitable work equal to or more than the property taxes they would otherwise owe. Further, the law allowed hospitals to claim property tax refunds for the three years prior to the law’s passage.
Websites of Interest
This past Monday we had a gentleman come into our office looking for direction on a personal matter he believed was being effected by decisions made at the county level. Unsure what we could do, I decided to search for information that can be on hand for the future. Unsure if this fit his situation, I thought I’d pass on to you. Maybe it may be helpful to you.
Citizen Action/Illinois
Citizen Action/Illinois & The Progressive Action Project
  • Advocating for progressive values and a progressive agenda in Springfield and Washington, DC
  • Organizing and building coalitions that are committed to social justice and economic fairness
  • Reaching out into communities and educating the public about issues and candidates
  • Registering people to vote and encouraging them to participate in the political process
Citizen Action/Illinois is not only the largest consumer watchdog group in Illinois, but also one of the most effective vehicles for progressive political involvement in our state. Citizen Action/Illinois: leading the way in the fight for our civil rights, progressive values and our future.
Citizens Utility Board (CUB)
In 1983, The Illinois General Assembly created CUB. It is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that represents the interests of residential utility customers in Illinois.
CUB carry's out their mission by intervening in ratemaking procedures before the ICC. Illinois Commerce Commission. For more information on CUB, go to their website or Contact Information; 309 W. Washington St., Ste. 800, Chicago, IL 60606 / P: (312) 263-4282 (800) 669-5556
As always, Thank you to Paul Sjordal for allowing me to use articles from his newsletter. if you would like to contact Paul you can do so at:

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