Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Pause. Our loss. Moving Forward.

I am sure everyone has noticed the paucity of posts this week on the blog. The loss of our friend and co-religionist on the fronts of human rights, saving the dignity of being middle class in America, and many other important causes, has been felt deeply and leaves, as you have seen, an obvious hole. Dale Bowling we miss you.

In an effort to go on, we will be beginning a new column a few times a week called Sandy's Lighthouse. It is both transcription and commentary. Sandy Gresak, a Bloomindale Township Democrat and frequent volunteer, will be taking the news releases put out so diligently by Paul Sjordal (for nearly 5 years running) and plucking the most local stories and packaging them with her own commentary for your education and enjoyment.

So many good people have come through our doors over the years including Sandy and Paul Sjordal and, of course, Dale Bowling and we send out our appreciation for them and for everyone who finds their niche and pursues it to make the DPDC stronger.

Amy Rohrer, Executive Director, DPDC

If you would like to receive the undigested form of Paul's Daily emails, please contact him at

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