Saturday, April 13, 2013

High Opinion of Congressman Foster Confirmed

April 13, 2013
Well, we have had the time to absorb the election results. If you have time please go to our Facebook page DuPage Dems and make a congratulatory or appreciative comment to our winners and to our candidates to fought hard even if they didn't prevail. 
What I think is phenomenal about all of us is, we have the capacity to accept. We accept winning without gloating; We can lose with exceptional grace and, most importantly, we can forge forward to prepare for the next election.
So many issues, so many ways you can GET INVOLVED.  If you joined this blog spot through our Homepage please check out how you can “GET INVOLVED”.  If you do not go through our homepage, all you have to do is go to our website, click on the “GET INVOLVED” tab, the drop-down will show you options.  Any amount of help makes a difference. Nothing is to small!!!
Speaking of help, The Dupage Democrats have a friend, Paul Sjordal, who allows me to use information from his Newsletter. If at any time you would like to receive Paul’s Newsletter, you can reach him at Thanks Paul.
I read this piece posted in Paul’s April 10, 2013 newsletter, I knew I had to include it. 
My High Opinion of My Congressman Bill Foster Confirmed Monday
 by Paul E. Sjordal
Along with representatives from DuPage Jobs with Justice, the American Nurses Association and labor unions, I met with him Monday morning to make a case for the Wall Street Transactional Tax. When Rep. JanSchakowsky strongly praised his qualities at the event where he became the sole candidate endorsed by suburban Dems and two other candidates bowed out, she said his three years in congress were so valuable because he brought knowledge and skills that other representatives didn't bring to the party. When we asked him to support the tax, he told us that when he started he was 100% to the left and fully in favor of it. But as he researched and learned more, he decided that it was not an effective way to lessen the inequality between the wealthy and the average American because the traders would just take their trading business off shore and that would hurt a lot of people counting on 401Ks as would slowing the pace of transactions. He gave many details to back up his position when others tried to change his mind. Of course, he created and ran a very successful theater lighting business that operates out of the US so he is very aware of how proposed legislation can affect business and our economy. When I brought up that FDR had stopped the 15 year boom and bust cycle that existed up until the mid thirties because Roosevelt said we have to take in income during the booms so that during the busts there is money to sustain those who need help and it held until 2007-2008, he corrected me and rightly pointed out that it held until 2002.
Bill said we need 'single payer' at the state level to start to correct our money-driven health care system. He said he probably lost his seat because he voted for Obamacare and that Obamacare is not nearly going far enough to ease all the suffering. Because our current Congress is so broken and so full of owned political hacks, legislators of the quality of Bill are few and far between and those close to his quality have left because 'they're mad as hell and couldn't take it any more'. Bill is a scientist who knows the full value and importance of research and finding the facts needed to actually solve problems and not create more because of unintended consequences, the dirty Fat Cats inserting another hidden win or ideology reining supreme. Below is an *example of someone who actually became a US congressman and had absolutely no skills to fill this important job. Just read his simplistic ideas for saving Illinois. Be careful because you might have to run to the bathroom. Bill told us about an experience he had waiting in a supermarket checkout line that convinced him he had to get back in Congress. The mother had all primary food for her family and yet had to decide to give back a third of her cart. Bill felt her pain and reducing inequality is a primary motivation in this go round as our representative. Until we can get money out of elections, we must do all we can to get more 'Bill Fosters' elected and prevent any more Joe Walshes.
To read the *example referenced in the article.
(Red) Walsh: How To Save Illinois in Eight Simple Steps By Joe Walsh
I believe if you feel the people you elected into office have done what you expected of them, pull out that paper and write down your thoughts. We want our officials, not to just LISTEN to us, but HEAR us as well. If they do, I am sure they would appreciate acknowledgement of it. We point out so often when they do not hear us. When they do, I believe they would appreciate receiving accolades from their constituents.  So hats off to Congressman Bill Foster of the 11th District of Illinois.

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