Friday, April 5, 2013

Sandy's Lighthouse

SANDY'S LIGHTHOUSE Edition | by Sandra Gresak
April 5, 2013
I want to thank you for joining me another week. This is such an exciting experience for me. We have a sea full of topics to express our opinions on.
First, I want to thank Paul Sjordal for doing so much work which I reference to through out this. Paul's Newsletter comes complete with news from the national level all the way down to the local level. If you are interested in receiving Paul's newsletter, you can contact him
Although, I try to stay at the local level, there is so many topics we can open a discussion on. If you have any comments, it can be on gun control, same sex marriage/parenting, the economy, bullying or anything of importance to you... please join me and leave your comments at
I recently heard a quote from Mericio, the Husband of Kyle who is on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. He said "Fish get caught because their mouths are open, so I keep mine closed so I'm not caught". Now, I know he was referring to opinions of another kind, but so many times we keep our mouths closed and our opinions are never heard. We elect officials to act on our behalf. Unless we speak up, loud and clear, our elected officials will never hear us, or act on our behalf. If you feel what you have to say may not matter, or not be important, you are wrong. You have that entitlement to be heard and as often as you want to be. So please never think a closed mouth is better because your elected official does need to hear you.
One way to be heard is through Elections. So please remember to vote on April 9th.This is your chance to pick who you feel will LISTEN and HEAR what you have to say. Because listening and hearing are two different things.
Now to some news that Paul so graciously allows me to refer to...
Aurora candidates square off at Chamber forum (all)
Those vying to represent the city’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th and at-large spots accepted the Chamber of Commerce’s offer to talk business and the city’s downtown Tuesday at Waubonsee Community College’s downtown campus. As Chamber President Joe Henning pointed out Tuesday, no matter who is elected, at least four of those seated to Aurora’s City Council will be new faces.
Appellate Court rules referendum can stay on Naperville ballot (all)
Naperville residents voting in the April 9election will decide whether to continue electing city councilmen at large, under a Wednesday Illinois Appellate Court ruling. The court on Wednesday upheld the rulings of a DuPage County judge and Naperville's electoral board that the referendum regarding at-large versus district representation can remain on the ballot.
Yesterday we lost Film Critic Roger Ebert, after a long battle with cancer. Roger was a true believer in stating your opinion. As hard as the cancer tried, it did not take away his ability to continue to speak his opinion. Thank you Roger for all the years you gave to us. When you spoke it was as if I was right there next to you at the movies. Roger you will be missed.
Talk to you soon.

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