Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Feng Shui Or how 'bout that change in the couch?

Aren't you glad another Chicago winter is almost over?? The Easter holiday is behind us as well and
that fresh hyacinth-scented air is soon going to put you in the spring cleaning mood. Here are some ideas you may want to apply as you dust and move things around. Go to the end to find out about the change in your couch!

ENTRY. The walkway to your front door is not only how your guests approach, but also energy. Keep your walkway/porch clean. Remove debris, spider webs and keep it well lit.

FRONT DOOR- No matter how you enter your home, the architectural "front" door is the "mouth" to your home and how the energy enters. Make sure to open it daily to let light and fresh air in.

WALL ART-What we place on our walls is a subconscious message to how we are supposed to feel in that space. Choose the type of art that sends a message of how you want to feel.

IN THE BEDROOM- The bedroom is a place for only two things , sleep and (we're taking guesses on the hotline right now). Remove elliptical machines, computers, work and TV. Use soothing colors and tones. Add a dash of red or pink for spice.

HOME OFFICE-Your home office should have its own space. If your office shares space with another room, you're saying that you're not really serious about your work. Make your office as important as the work you do.

CLUTTER-We all know we need to clear it out. But what does clutter do to the energy in your home? It stagnates. Like a stagnant pond, life energy is extinguished in your home wherever clutter is present.

Your home is a living, breathing entity. Use Feng Shui to keep healthy energy in your home flowing.*

Oh yeah, one more thing...that change you found in the couch cushions? How about sending some of it to support your local party?  Did you know you can give as little as 5 dollars a month with our sustainable giving program?

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Feng Shui piece written by Michelle Cobb of Blue Iris Designs

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