Monday, April 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor and apt commentary from Sandy's Lighthouse

SANDY’S LIGHTHOUSE Edition | by Sandy Gresak
April 15, 2013
Can you believe the weather we are unpredictable. Actually changing from day to day. And, in some areas, hour by hour. To me it can be compared to something else we deal with on a daily basis...Our two bodies of government.
There are many constituents that have opinions and concerns about what is happening in government right now. I believe they feel so strongly about these issues, they wrote to the Editor of a local newspaper. Paul Sjordal, friend of the DPDC, includes these letters in his newsletter and so graciously allows me to refer to it. So I thought I’d give these constituents another forum to express their opinions.
Letters to Editor:
Right wing thwarts jobs recovery “We are starting to see the negative impact of the sequester on the economy just as President Obama correctly predicted. And, it will continue to prevent hiring and investment as the economy slows down. Forget a robust recovery. After all, the constant budget cuts have worked so well in Europe that conservatives want to adopt that approach here in the U.S. The Republicans, as Speaker John Boehner has said, are "pretty happy" with the federal budget cuts. So, once again, the right-wingers in the GOP are, through constant filibusters in Senate (60 votes required instead of a simple majority) and refusal to bring up legislation for a vote in the House (something might actually pass), forcing drastic cuts instead of a balanced approach that would more fairly spread the pain. When it comes time to vote in 2014 Midterm elections, just remember, the Republicans stalled the recovery via cutbacks just like the politicians in Europe. Thus, we have another demonstration that of right-wingers opposing the president instead of creating more middle-class jobs and improving the economy.” Tom Minnerick
On gay marriage and immigration “The political cartoon featured in the April 2 Daily Herald spoke volumes. It characterized the Republicans doing an about face regarding their stand on illegal immigration and gay marriage by joining forces with the Democrats on their pro stance. This proves once more that politicians are not always patriots in doing what might be best for their country but often doing what is in their best interest to just get elected. As it is often said "politics creates strange bedfellows." History has left us with some notable examples: The Women's Suffrage Act back in 1920 came with a price tag. To get the women's vote in their pockets politicians of that era had to pass the Volstead Act against their better judgment. Women were viewing liquor consumption as a bane on American family life. Prohibition quickly ushered in an era of bootleggers, gang warfare and widespread corruption just as the politicians had surmised. Years later FDR got the electorate on his side by voting down Prohibition. Today, politicians are eying how to profitably deal with some 11 million people in our midst that came here as invisible immigrants by jumping borders or over staying their visas. In spite of a bad economy, there would be a huge payoff by giving a legitimate status to those eleven million individuals. Politicians would have created a huge voting bloc to keep them in office for eons. As for gay marriage or civil unions? Let's stay tuned on this as the numbers may not be great enough for pay back votes later one.” Walter Santi
Social Security pay not an entitlement “I am really getting tired of the politicians we have in this country referring to the Social Security program as an "entitlement." Unless, of course, they are referring to the people who receive Social Security benefits but have never paid in a penny to the program. I, on the other hand, along will million’s of other hardworking Americans, have been paying into the fund for most of my life. To us, this is not an entitlement program. It is however, part of our retirement plan, and for some the only retirement funds they will see. I can understand making some adjustments in the program, such as allowing those under 40 to direct some of their tax into an individual investment account, or to adjust the cost of living increases, especially, to stop paying benefits to those who have never contributed. But please stop calling it an entitlement.”Ken Wuestenfeld
As I always say, I know we all have an opinion. Whether others agree with you or not, your opinion is important.
Talk to you soon.
Paul’s newsletter 4/10/13 has a misquote mentioned and the correction is in his newsletter 4/11/13. I used this article in my posting 4/13/13.
--Bill (Foster)
PS In my comments about my meeting with him in my News yesterday, I mistakenly said DuPag eJobs with Justice and should have said Northern Illinois Jobs with Justice.
If you are interested in receiving Paul’s Newsletter, you can contact him at Thanks Paul

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