Saturday, March 31, 2012

UPDATE: Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren
DuPage County,
Elizabeth Warren is leading by just 5 points in the latest Massachusetts Senate poll. Other polls show a dead heat, and Wall Street would love to defeat her.
Tonight is a major fundraising deadline that political insiders will use to assess the strength of her campaign -- and other progressives like Eric Griego (NM-1) and Lori Saldaña (CA-52).
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Elizabeth Warren continues to do progressives proud. This month, she barnstormed Massachusetts, putting the spotlight on abusive Wall Street practices such as housing foreclosures, excessive bank overdraft fees, and predatory lending by banks against veterans.
Lori Saldaña stood up to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the California legislature and is fighting now for major government investment in jobs and corporate accountability.
Eric Griego, a top progressive senator in New Mexico, passed a green jobs bill and public funding of local elections into law. He's calling for Wall Street bankers to go to jail -- and penned a U.S. News & World Report column this week against Paul Ryan's plan to end Medicare.
Can you donate $3 to Warren, Griego, and Saldaña today -- before tonight's deadline? Click here.
Their victories will send a powerful message to Democrats: If you fight boldly, you can win.
Thanks for being a bold progressive.
-- Adam Green, Amanda Johnson, Matt Wall, Drew McConville, and the PCCC team

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