Friday, March 9, 2012

Help Polar Bears: Stop Big Oil Handouts

Forwarded from Dan Stafford

Dear Daniel,

Polar bears are struggling as global warming melts their ice, yet each year the fossil fuel industry receives billions in subsidies to continue peddling the dirty fuels that are spewing global warming pollution into our air--and putting the future of polar bears in grave danger.

President Obama has just proposed a federal budget that will cut $41 billion in tax breaks and subsidies from Big Oil and their allies.

Our friends at USAction are sending a message to Congress, urging them to support the proposal to end billions in subsidies to the oil, gas and coal industries. Please join me in adding your name to the petition today.

Take action for polar bears by urging your members of Congress to stop billions in subsidies to Big Oil.


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I Am USAction

Enough is Enough. Make Big Oil pay its fair share.
Dear Daniel,

Enough is Enough!

Stio Big Oil Subsidies

Tell Congress to stop the handouts to big oil.
add your voice

Every year Congress hands out billions in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry a colossal giveaway that wealthy oil, gas and coal companies don't need. Those billions could be used instead to pay for important domestic programs at a time when Congress is grappling with ways to reduce the deficit.

Our country faces a fundamental choice over the relationship between government and its people. It's beyond outrageous that politicians in Congress are considering massive cuts to important things like clean energy and natural resources while giving away $122 billion in subsidies to the oil, coal and gas industries.

President Obama has proposed a budget that will cut $41 billion in tax breaks and subsidies from the big oil companies and their allies.1 But we need your help to convince Congress. Will you join us in telling Congress to end the $41 billion in subsidies to the oil, gas and coal industries?

Most Americans, regardless of their political views, strongly favor ending these subsidies. Congress, stuffed with campaign donations from fossil fuel companies, is ignoring the will of the people, so we need to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Please sign our petition asking Congress to eliminate the tens of billions of dollars in free money to the fossil fuel industry. .

Ross Wallen

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