Friday, March 9, 2012

Progressive endorsements for the election in Naperville

Share the Naperville Progressive Ballot Guide with your friends and family, or print out a copy to take with you to the polls.

Check it out!

Dear MoveOn member,
Not too long ago, you filled out the Progressive Ballot Guide for the upcoming election in Naperville on March 20. We've taken your votes, along with those of other MoveOn members and progressives in your area, and compiled everything into a simple, easy-to-understand ballot that has the recommendations of local progressives.
Everyone knows somebody who doesn't follow politics—but you can save them from accidentally voting for a tea party candidate by sharing the Ballot Guide. Even if they don't know a single candidate running, they can read why others support each candidate and learn more about the race.
You can also see the candidates you have endorsed, but those choices won't be seen by anyone else when you share the ballot.
Click here to print a copy to give to someone, or to share by email, Facebook, or Twitter.
Thanks for all you do.
–Milan, Elena, Mark, Amy, and the rest of the team
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