Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do Conservatives REALLY love small town America??

Conservatives love Small Town America. They extol its virtues all the time. 
Too bad conservative economics is wiping Small Town America off the map.
Move over ! Two years ago, I wrote that Colorado Springs was a conservative "Utopia," for its rejection of tax increases, which led the city to lay off firefighters and police officers, stop paving roads, eliminate evening and weekend bus service, reduce garbage service, turn off streetlights, and asked residents to mow the grass in public parks (light work, since the city's water cutbacks ensured most grass in most parks would be dead). Tent cities began springing up as the city cut social services. 
David Sirota called it conservatism's real "shining city on the hill."  
This is what Reaganites have always meant when they’ve talked of a “shining city on a hill.” They envision a dystopia whose anti-tax fires incinerate social fabric faster than James Dobson can say “family values”—a place like Colorado Springs that is starting to reek of economic death. But that was so two-years-ago. Move over, Colorado Springs! Youngtown, Arizona has totally got you beat. In Youngtown, Ariz., city officials are contemplating the legal equivalent of shutting down {the entire town}". Read More

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