Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Take Back the American Dream National Teach in

Watch for upcoming Youtube links on each of the four parts of this series with our OWN Thom Hartmann:

Robert Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor
Heather McGhee, Demos
Leo Hindery, businessman and “Patriotic Millionaire”
Natalie Foster, Co-Founder, Rebuild the Dream
Robert Borosage, Campaign for America’s Future
On the “National Teach-In to Take Back the American Dream” you’ll hear the real story about the economic crisis:
What corporations broke the law in their reckless pursuit of greed

What policies made it legal for banks to gamble with the stability of the global economy

Why so many millions were thrown out of their homes, or left to drown in underwater mortgages

Why our government won’t act to create jobs, even though the economists who saw the crisis coming know exactly what we need to do

Make This A Movement-Building Event

You can watch the program alone – and you will get a lot out of it. But this program will have the most impact when you're watching it with others and make it a true community teach-in.
On the right you'll find a link to a Teach-In Host Guide that will give you tips on organizing a small or large gathering, and as well as links to teaching materials designed by Demos, MoveOn and Rebuild the Dream. And if enough of us do it, we can turn the “Teach-In” into a massive movement-building event!
We have the power to tell the true story of the economic mess to the American people. And when the truth is known, we can mobilize the people to demand bold action.

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