Monday, July 30, 2012

Volunteer to help us Take Down Joe Walsh

Take Down Joe Walsh
We are running a different kind of campaign that doesn't work without you. Step up and volunteer now.
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Hi Friend,
The latest fundraising reports are in and Rep. Joe Walsh continues to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars from right wing donors who want to re-elect Tea Party Republicans who will continue to advance their crazy agenda in Washington, DC.
This is what extremist rhetoric buys you — large donations from the fringe right and millionaires who donate because they know that having a Tea Party Congress is the only way to advance their crazy agenda. There is a reason Joe Walsh spends his time attacking the poor1 or saying issues of birth control are "not about women"2 — he knows that's when the donations start rolling in.
This is the worst of American politics — throwing dirt, distorting the facts, and playing into people's fears — and Walsh knows it. His campaign will use this money to blitz the airwaves with negative ads and distortions, and if we can't counter his lies, some voters will believe him.
That is why every day we are making calls, knocking on doors, and getting out in the streets to put Walsh's record out in the open for everyone to see. No distortions, no misinformation, just the facts. Armed with his record and a large grassroots team we will use our people to go against his big money. And that's how we will win.
Volunteer-to-voter conversations are far more powerful than television ads when it comes to moving voters. If enough of us volunteer to knock on doors and make phone calls to voters, it will be your grassroots organizing, and not the contributions of right-wing millionaires — that will decide this election.
Click here to volunteer today and become part of our grassroots team working to defeat Joe Walsh.
Take a look at what our your effort has accomplished in just a couple months on the ground:
  • Thousands of calls to targeted voters informing them of the devastating impact of the Tea Party agenda
  • Protests all across the district prompting stories that have blanketed local newscasts
  • Over 150 media hits on Walsh's crazy statements that were caught on tape by CREDO SuperPAC
CREDO Action members have helped make this possible by volunteering at the office, showing up at local events, and sharing our message. The work our grassroots team has already done proves that we can counter the big money that protects right-wing crazies like Walsh.
The more people we have on our grassroots team, the more conversations we can have across the district with the voters who will decide this election. Many voters simply do not know Walsh's record and it is up to us to inform them before election day.

We have 100 days to have the tens of thousands of conversations with voters across this district necessary to win this campaign. We are counting on you to make sure that Rep. Joe Walsh is not reelected this November. Click on the link below to sign up to volunteer and make sure that our district is not represented by a "crazy Tea Party freshman" for another two years.
Thank you for stepping up,

Kyran McCann, District Director
CREDO SuperPAC's Take Down Joe Walsh campaign
1. GOP Rep. Walsh Says Welfare Is "Destructive For Poor People,"Think Progress, 7/16/12
2. Joe Walsh: Birth Control Debate 'Not About Women', Huffington Post, 2/21/12

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