Saturday, July 14, 2012

"A few years ago, there may have been 2 tables of Democrats..." Schakowsky said at today's WMOC breakfast

At the DPDC Women and Minorities Outreach Committee's "Breakfast with Jan" event this morning, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky received a standing ovation after a riveting speech about what's at stake in the 2012 elections. Nearly 175 Democratic attendees were deeply engaged as she talked about the job killing votes by the Republicans in Washington, and their attacks on women, minority and immigrant rights.  As only she can be, Schakowsky was unequivocal about the need to take back the House and bring back Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker.  She outlined the many benefits of Affordable Care Act - 86 million Americans now eligible for free preventive services, millions and millions of American women receiving comprehensive preventive healthcare, 17 million American men women and, especially children,  no longer denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, 5.3 million seniors already saving $3.7 billion on prescription drugs, 105 million no longer curtailing care because of a lifetime limit, and much more. She spoke of the Tea Party's control over John Boehner and his orchestrated opposition to job bills that passed the Senate by a bi-partisan vote.

CongresswomanSchakowsky also mentioned the important role that DuPage County will play in winning enough House seats to restore sanity to the House.  She pointed out the noticeable change in this event from past events. "A few years ago, there may have been 2 tables of Democrats in DuPage" she stated.  Moved by the huge turnout of more than 170 DuPage Democrats, she commented on the importance that DuPage in the 2012 election. "It all starts here",  she shouted in a serious cry to get the event's attendees to work harder for the 5 congressional candidates that will serve parts of DuPage .

The DPDC Women and Minorities Outreach Committee did a fantastic job of putting this event together. Co-Chair Sarbani Chowdhury opened the event by telling the attendees of the work that needs to be done by the WMOC and by everyone in the room.  DPDC Chair Bob Peickert introduced Congresswoman Schakowsky by pointing to her 9 years as Congresswoman in the 9th district and emphasized her work on behalf women and minorities. Co-Chair Moises Garcia presented Schakowsky with a plaque from the DPDC thanking her for addressing members of our organization. Other members of the committee are: Melanie Wilkinson, Patricia Johnson, Tariq Saeed, Luis Rivas, Flo Villegas, Janice Rinehart, & Judith Easton.

The WMOC is already working on an event for September and will announce that soon and surely, our county will be buzzing with electoral activity then!

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