Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hop on our new online organizing platform

Obama - Biden

We recently launched Dashboard -- the campaign's new online platform that brings together supporters like you to organize for President Obama.

Even though Dashboard just got off the ground, it's growing fast. A lot of folks have already joined, and they're using it to connect with other volunteers and drive the organizing efforts where they live.

Join today to get involved from the start.

The idea of Dashboard is pretty simple: You log on, and you can do something right then and there to grow this campaign. That might be making a few calls to voters, signing up for the next volunteer event in your area, organizing a house party, or getting the latest campaign updates and joining an online discussion about them.

It's where you can stay in touch with your neighborhood team and with groups of folks who care about the same issues as you -- to collaborate, brainstorm, and work together to bring others into this campaign and get them fired up to vote.

It's kind of like checking in at your local field office, but you can do it from anywhere at any time, and get started on something right away.

We've got a few tough months ahead of us, and they're going to go fast. We've got to make the most of that time -- and Dashboard is going to be key to helping us do that.

Dashboard will bring in more people and help make the most of every minute we have left to organize. It's one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal -- so you really should be a part of it, right from the start.

It only takes a minute to join -- so get started with Dashboard now:

I know the other supporters who have already jumped in will be glad to have you join them.



Marlon Marshall
Deputy National Field Director
Obama for America

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