Monday, July 30, 2012

Mitt's secret: "His real name is..."; Some humorous reasons Mitt might be hiding his tax returns

Dear MoveOn Member,
Because he's out of the country (like a lot of his money, apparently), Mitt Romney thinks Americans will forget about his refusal to release more tax returns. But we won't—because we're still wondering what Mitt's hiding.
Earlier this week we asked MoveOn members to tell us the funniest things Mitt Romney might be covering up and thousands of you responded. Thousands more took time to rate the responses. And the result? This hilarious graphic of the top five things Mitt could be hiding.
The Romney campaign wants this issue to go away but we're not going to let that happen so easily. Can you share this graphic to help keep his troubling secrecy on the minds of everyday Americans? And because it's hilarious? Facebook, tweet it or email it. However you do it, share it today.
A special thanks goes to MoveOn members Rebecca J., Daniel W., Scott L., Jon B., and Alana R. for coming up with the winning answers!
Thanks for all you do.
–Justin, Stephen, Stefanie, Tate, and the rest of the team
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