Monday, July 16, 2012

Know a young Dem looking for an internship? Take Down Walsh seeks interns

Intern with Take Down Joe Walsh/
We're looking for passionate volunteers to help us in the fight against Tea Party extremism. Apply to intern with us today.
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Dear Friend,
Everyone wants to do great things. Do you know a college or high school student looking for an internship that offers a chance to learn about progressive politics, and get first hand experience in community organizing? If you know someone looking for an opportunity to have a real impact on the lives of folks in your community, CREDO SuperPAC may have an offer that they won't want to refuse.
Right now, CREDO SuperPAC's Take Down Joe Walsh campaign is looking for interns to work closely with field staff on a campaign to ensure that Tea Party extremist Joe Walsh is not re-elected to Congress. As an intern with the Take Down Joe Walsh campaign, you will have the opportunity to be mentored on a one-on-one basis with our organizers. This level of hands-on experience will give you a chance to develop critical analytical skills of campaign strategy and execution. You will learn first hand the value of grassroots organizing in politics to mobilize folks for change. Though responsibilities and tasks may vary, our interns will:
  • Work with CREDO SuperPAC organizers to increase visibility and awareness of the Take Down Joe Walsh campaign by coordinating community and constituent committee events
  • Work with organizers and volunteers to manage grassroots campaign activities including phonebanks and door-to-door canvassing
Interning with us is an awesome opportunity that offers an insider's view into the world of politics and grassroots organizing. The campaign will also provide a window onto public interest issues and the gears of the democratic process hard at work. Best of all, it grants the opportunity to do something great with during summer months that will look good on a resume and impact our community. 
Opportunities for class credit or community service hours are available.
Thanks for all you do,
Kyran McCann, District Director
Take Down Joe Walsh

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