Monday, August 1, 2011

Now Call Judy Biggert

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Last night, President Obama agreed to a deal with top Republicans that is widely seen as a big victory for the Tea Party.

It has trillions in spending cuts that will hurt poor and middle-class families and no taxes on the rich. It also lines up Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits for future cuts.

To pass, this deal will need both Republican and Democratic votes, and ABC News reports that many Republicans are planning on voting no.

We don't often ask you to call your Republican Representative, but this time it's different. Can you call Judy Biggert right now? Tell her to vote NO on this bad deal -- click here for the number and a script.

Here's what folks are saying about this deal:

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Missouri, Black Caucus Chair): "This deal is a sugar-coated Satan sandwich. If you lift the bun, you will not like what you see."

Paul Krugman, Nobel economist: "The deal a disaster, and not just for President Obama and his party. It will damage an already depressed economy...The worst thing you can do in these circumstances is slash government spending, since that will depress the economy even further."

Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary: "Anyone who characterizes the a victory for the American people over partisanship understands neither economics nor politics. The deal...puts the nation's most important safety nets and public investments on the chopping block...the largest threat to our democracy is the emergence of a radical right capable of getting most of the ransom it demands."

Rep. Biggert needs to hear from constituents right now. Click here for her number and a script.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

-- Stephanie Taylor, Adam Green, Jason Rosenbaum, Jeremy Feigenbaum, and the PCCC team

P.S. Paul Krugman also points out that if this deal goes down, President Obama can do "legal maneuvering to sidestep the debt ceiling, using any of several options." This includes the Constitution's 14th Amendment, which allows the president to unilaterally pay our nation's debts.

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