Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keep the Tea Party out of DuPage in 2012!

The recent debt ceiling fiasco is one we must not let happen again. The Tea Party is already gearing up for 2012 and will be heavily financed by those who want the rich to get richer and the rest of us to pay the bills. WE CAN NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN. Please read Kathleen Parker's article calling for the end of the Tea Party

Our best chance to avoid this in the future is to elect responsible Democrats at the local levels of government. In DuPage County, we have a chance to do just that. But, we need your help.

Our organization has grown because of you. We have now expanded our operations to include: social media outreach, a Young DuPage Democrats organization, a recruitment and training program for precinct representatives and candidates, community outreach activities, additional paid staff, our Wake Up DuPage newsletter and website, and many more.
We need these to continue and grow if we are to compete in 2012.

Please send us a contribution today for $20.12. Help us prevent the Tea Party from getting any traction in DuPage. We must add to the three Democrats we now have on the county board. We can do this if you help. A small contribution of $20.12 will go a long way. Keep up with us by going to our website; or to our new website. Communicate with us through this blog ( or on Facebook.

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