Friday, August 19, 2011

DuPage Young Democrats Shine at National YDA Convention

For four days in Louisville, Young Democrats of America officially launched their 2011 – 2012 cycle by holding more than 100 workshops and trainings to prepare for the upcoming elections. And the DuPage Young Democrats were honored to be one of the most active local chapters in attendance.

During the convention, we were lucky to have one of Young Democrats of Illinois’ members, Emily Robinson, elected to the YDI Board as Secretary. Congratulations to Emily and YDI for this success.

YDA has a long way to go. We were surprised by the lack of press coverage, social media use, and overall advertising of this event convention. This must change if we are to truly start a progressive youth movement in this country.

We believe Young Democrats of America is committed to work to elect Democrats, fight for progressive policies, and train the next generation of Democratic Party leaders, and is the best team to do so. But it can’t accomplish these goals without our (and your) help. A strong organization requires a diverse, innovative leadership team, with diverse and innovative goals.

YDA has a long way to go, and we think DuPage Young Democrats can help lead YDA to be the organization it wishes to be. Let’s get to work! Contact me at to learn how you can help.

Zack Carroll is Co-Chair and a co-founder of DuPage Young Democrats

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