Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Increase our chances of turning DuPage blue: Help us expand our cyber-outreach

by Amy Rohrer

Clearly, one of the real beauties of the internet is its ability to disseminate information at an extremely rapid rate. Anyone who has seen a Flashmob video can truly appreciate how charming the viral spread of such things can actually be.

So it is with Democratic outreach within DuPage County. For years we had a semi-managed Facebook site that generated maybe 350 members. Just a few months ago, those seriously dedicated to the valuable--no,imperative--nature of social media (namely Tom Castillo, working on FB) brought our friend count to nearly 1200 and have increased our postings to several times daily. At the very least,

that means our image, our message and our events are repeatedly splashed on to hundreds of walls everyday reinforcing that we are here and growing.

Our blog, too, has increasing traffic every week where people in DuPage can get plugged into local, state and Federal items of import.

THE WORD IS SPREADING about turning DuPage blue...do your part to pass it on today. Sign up to follow our Blog or Twitter feed today. Recommend to several of your friends that they join our Facebook page. Last, but not least, feel free to submit ideas for blog posts or, even better, become a guest blogger.

Amy Rohrer is Executive Director of the Democratic Party of DuPage County

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