Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't Let Camp Wellstone Happen without you; snag a spot before August 9

Those of you who’ve been around since Operation Turn DuPage Blue helped move the DuPage Democratic Party into the 21st century, will remember what an incredibly successful event our Camp at COD was. Don’t miss it this time around!

If you have any intention of running as a candidate or running a campaign . . .

If you are interested in social movements and organizing citizens for advocacy . . .

You should click here right now.

Camp Wellstone is among the finest and least expensive campaign consulting and grassroots training programs on the planet. Inspired by the legacy of the late US Senator Paul Wellstone and Sheila Wellstone, Camp Wellstone is an intensive weekend training program for people interested in gaining practical skills in progressive political action. Since 2003, more than 16,000 people have graduated from the camps.

We need at least 35 more people registered by August 9th so tell all your friends!

Camp Wellstone will be held in Schaumburg the weekend of September 9th, 2011
* Friday from 3 PM to 9 PM
* Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM
* Sunday from 9 AM to 3:30 PM

Camp Wellstone participants select one of three tracks: Candidate, Campaign, Activism. Anyone who has any desire to organize around issues that matter, help build campaigns for the future, and elect progressive candidates to office, here is where you can get further details and register:

Amy Rohrer

Executive Director,

Democratic Party of DuPage County

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