Wednesday, August 24, 2011


August is the traditional beginning of the harvest season and, for Illinois Democrats, that means harvesting energy to push forward to victory in the next election season. Nothing says Illinois harvest like the State Fair, where DuPage Democrats joined in the kick-off for the election season of 2012. Springfield, the spot hallowed by Lincoln and rejuvenated by Barack Obama in 2007 when he announced his run, was the perfect place for us to ignite our determination to win in 2012.

Most of us eschewed the chocolate-covered corn dogs (with colored sprinkles!) and the Ron Paul and Sarah Palin groupies flagging us down from the Illinois Republican party tent. We did enjoy a fantastic BBQ at the Governor's mansion, a rousing brunch featuring Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana, and a hearty rally on the fair grounds. Bob Peickert, Chair of the DuPage Dems was interviewed at the event (link below) about Dem chances in 2012. Please take a listen.

Now that the stage is set, all we need are more Democratic players in DuPage. Please join us as we begin gathering petitions for candidates and knocking on doors in DuPage to let everyone know that the Dems are on the move.

DuPage Dem. County Chair

Amy Rohrer
Executive Director
Democratic Party of DuPage

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