Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why a 22 year old liberal, from what use to be one of the most conservative counties in the country, chose Camp Wellstone : Part II

by Carly Hanson

            Camp Wellstone, coming to DuPage in just a few weeks, is a three day weekend event conducted by Wellstone Action, a non-profit organization that offers many different types of training camps and events that aim to teach citizens how to create progressive change. Wellstone Action holds about 100 Wellstone Camps across the country per year, and boasts around 30,000 alumni. Camp Wellstone offers three tracks to pick from: grassroots organizing, running for a political office, and working on a political campaign. I personally have chosen grassroots organizing, as I am interested to learn the tools of social organizing for progressive change.
            When I was taking a class on non-profit organizations, our professor stressed how important camps like these are for careers. He insisted that if we wanted to continue with social organizing, non-profit work, campaign work, etc, we must attended one of these camps. He explained many with careers in these paths are encouraged to attend a camp every few years, as there is always new information to be learned. As I want to continue on in social organizing and non-profit work, I knew this camp would provide me with the right tools for this career path.

If you are inspired to change something, anything, and make it a career that has meaning for you, JOIN ME at Camp Wellstone, August 9-11

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