Thursday, July 11, 2013

Overturning CItizens United One CItizen at a time...ATTEND THIS IMPORTANT MEETING 7/25

They’re Buying Our Government
Two weeks from tonight

On Thursday, July 25, The Democratic Party of Milton Township will present a discussion focused on the influx of enormous sums of money into politics.  We’ll learn about the strange path of Supreme Court decisions that allowed that to happen and the corrosive effect on democracy.  Finally, we’ll learn about efforts to bring better balance to campaign financing.

Jack Altschuler, leadership workshop and keynote speaker for Fully Alive LeadershipÓ, will present:

-       The history of the increasing political power of wealthy corporations and individuals
-       A summary of legislation passed to control the buying of votes and influence by big-money interests
-       Court rulings giving corporations the same status as individual citizens and the adverse impact that has on democracy
-       Activities in Illinois and other states to level the political playing field for all citizens
-       What we can do

The meeting starts at 7:15 at the Wheaton Community Center, 1777 Blanchard Road, Wheaton, IL

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