Thursday, July 18, 2013

A little of the Unusual

I like to bring to you a little of the unusual, a bit of the important and sometimes just an overall fun fact.
Hoola-Hoop update....
As I promised. This is an update on what I call the Huge Hoola Hoop. This weekend the 50-foot-wide circular electromagnet finally arrives at FermiLab. If you can grab a glance I-355 and I-88 are just a few of the roads you may get a chance to see this phenomenal site. In case have not heard of this before, here’s some info...
For the past month, a 50-foot-wide circular electromagnet has been on a fantastic journey to Fermilab in Batavia. The magnet is moving from the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York to Fermilab. On July 26, that voyage is expected to conclude, and Fermilab is planning a party for the public to celebrate its new acquisition. The magnet is the centerpiece of Fermilab’s new Muon g-2 experiment, which will study the properties of elusive subatomic particles called muons. The ring was built at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the 1990s for a similar experiment. Moving the ring from New York to Illinois costs roughly 10 times less than building a new one. So the magnet, essentially three rings of aluminum with superconducting coils inside, has spent the last few weeks on a barge, heading down the east coast, around the tip of Florida, into the Gulf of Mexico and then up a series of rivers toward Lemont. It’s been a tricky voyage, because the 17-ton ring cannot be taken apart, or twisted more than a few degrees without irreparably damaging the coils inside. The ring is expected to arrive in Lemont this weekend, and will be moved from the barge to a specially adapted truck, which will drive it along interstate routes and through suburban streets to Fermilab July 23 to 25. The ring will move at night, using rolling roadblocks to close off intersections, and will utilize portions of Interstate 355 and Interstate 88, along with a series of local roads.…
Just a few things the Governor has been doing...
Health Insurance Marketplace Recruits Community Organizations Across Illinois to Educate the Public on Health Care Options
New Law Will Help Firms Equally Compete for State Construction and Business Contracts
Work Will Create Thousands of Jobs Rebuilding Nation’s Most Congested Interchange, Reducing Traffic Delays by 50 Percent and Saving 1.6 Million Gallons of Gas
After General Assembly Fails Yet Again to Pass Comprehensive Pension Reform, Governor Vetoes Out Legislative Salaries and Stipends
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Other points of interest....
Sheila Simon Challenges Judy Baar Topinka For Illinois Comptroller
Miller: Pension Committee to look at “incomplete” numbers
Thinking Green: Naperville Area Sustainability Groups
What happened today in 1936...
The first Oscar Meyer Wienermobile rolled out of General Body Company’s factory in Chicago, IL
Please listen to your body during this hot weather. Stay hydrated and cool!
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