Sunday, May 19, 2013

What Benghazi is really about PART ONE Rising Economy

Last week on the front page of the USA today (below the fold...surprise!!) was this title:

Economists see advancing recovery 
despite the gridlock in Washington

Let's dissect this for just a moment:

1) Economic life is improving in the face of the sequester, the filibusters, the Republican posturing, foot-dragging and obfuscating.

2) Austerity and cuts (especially those that hurt the "little guys" with whom most of the Repubs are not acquainted) are not only not a good idea, they are a very BAD idea.
According to the authors of this article,  Paul Davidson and Barbara Hansen (5/13/13)
"Many top economist, including Federal Chairman Ben Bernanke, have urged delaying much of the belt-tightening until the economy is on more solid footing...An additional $40 billion in cuts next year will reduce 2014 economic growth by .3 percentage points, the CBO and Moddy's say."

3) EVEN SO, the economists expect growth to pick up in the fourth quarter.

ALL of which is bad news for the folks who have been bringing you disastrous predictions of dire economics ala "2016" since before they lost their main goal of keeping Obama a one term president.

So, Benghazi is as good a distraction as any. 
Don't pay any attention to these men behind the curtains. 


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