Tuesday, May 14, 2013

#1 Country in the world?? Mothers think not.

We decided not to run this on Mothers' Day because we didn't want to kill anyone's buzz on such a beautiful Sunday however we didn't want to put it off forever as we need to face the truth.

The #1 place to be a mother in the world (some of the criteria: infant mortality, morbidity for mother in childbirth, survival of children past age 5, education of girls, general length of education) is not the United States.

Nor is #10.
Nor # 20.
Yep....we're in 30th place. 29 other countries lead us in all of these factors.

Here's the list:

If we started using just these criteria to make life in the US actually more livable, I think we could probably get people of all political stripes aboard!

Any ideas on how we could get this ball rolling. Tell us below in the comments.

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