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A mother's fight against GMO's

GMO – Problem or Progress?
Story #3 / Tid-Bits of News
Diana Reeves, of Connecticut, mother of three, formed GMO Free USA. GMO - genetically modified crop soy.
Diana walked away from her job at an accounting firm, when her son was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, he passed away before he turned 5 years old. Diana said “she never looked back”.
Diana became extremely angry when the state of Connecticut did not pass the GMO labeling law. She felt that the lawmakers response to the voters, who expressed overwhelming support for this law, “oh well” was not acceptable.
Diana lost her son, and had two daughters who also had medical issues. So she started looking into the connection between food and health. She discovered the potential hazards of GMO. A friend introduced her to NonGMO Hartford, which led to her involvement with the Connecticut Right to Know group. She joined in distributing information and campaigning for HB5117, which included the provision for mandatory GMO labeling. Everyone was sure this bill would pass, and when it didn’t, Diana knew more had to be done. Hence, GMO free USA.
Diana believed the state legislators caved due to a lawsuit from Monsanto. And, she was not going to do the same. She was determined to continue to keep the fight for transparency in GMO ingredients alive, and plans to take it nationally.
GMO free USA plans to pressure food manufacturers into revealing which of their products contain GMO. Diana’s goal is to organize national boycotts of manufacturers that will not switch to non-GMO ingredients.
My information on Diana Reeves is from the website of Organic Consumers Association, in a article written by Katherine Paul, June 13, 2012. 
If you would like to read more on Diana Reeves you can do so at:  Also, If you are interested, there is a link to “Label it if it’s GMO” on their home page.
For related articles and more information, please visit Orca's Genetic Engineering pageMillions Against Monsanto page, and our Connecticut News page.
Anyone who wants to get involved in this national campaign can sign up on Facebook at
Melissa Harris-Perry   Show Sunday
What if there are no labels on your food? Monsanto doesn't want you to know.
(This is the first segment. You can watch the entire show by letting each segment run into the next.)
Tid-Bit of News
Calling All Chocolate Lovers...
The Village of Long Grove is hosting it’s annual Chocolate Fest. May 3 – 5. Click onto for more information  or    
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Flood cleanup to cost Naperville estimated $821,000
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