Friday, May 3, 2013

The Final Push For Marriage in Illinois Starts Today

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Marriage equality needs to move in the House.
Make sure your Representative is planning to vote "yes!"
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Dear Democratic Party of,
How are Illinois, Rhode Island, Delaware and Minnesota alike? Each of these states is in the process of voting on marriage equality. But unlike those other states, Illinois's marriage bill has not advanced. With just a month remaining in the legislative session, it's time for the Illinois House to debate the bill and vote.
Contact your representative one final time and tell them to vote YES on marriage equality.
Illinois Unites for Marriage campaign field organizers and volunteers have organized in-district rallies, gone door-to-door across the state, collected and delivered postcards, recruited for and managed nearly 200 phone banks, and had conversations with thousands of Illinoisans connecting them directly to their legislator. Moreover, dedicated supporters like you have sent tens of thousands of emails to legislators. We've all done our part. Now it's time for the Illinois legislature to vote.
On Valentine's Day the Illinois Senate passed the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act. Then, the Illinois House Executive Committee passed the bill. Illinois businesses like Groupon and Orbitz have expressed their support. Fair-minded faith leaders like Rev. Dr. Herbert Martin and Rev. Timothy Moss are so passionate about ensuring all people have the same rights that they drove three hours through a snowstorm in order to be in Springfield to testify for the bill.
Send one last email to your legislator and make sure they will vote yes when the marriage bill is called to a vote.
I've been honored to represent HRC on the ground in Illinois since January, creating and managing a field team of 15 skilled organizers. Our investment of staff, computers, phones, and direct financial contribution could not have been put to any better use than it has been here in Illinois. Working with Equality Illinois, ACLU, Lambda Legal and Freedom to Marry we have created a strong field campaign. I know that because of the work done in the past four months by staff and volunteers across the Land of Lincoln, and all of the work done in the years prior to this legislative session, marriage equality will become a reality in Illinois before the end of May. You will help make it so.
Thank you,
Lynne Bowman
Regional Field Director
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