Sunday, March 17, 2013

What better Day to GO GREEN than this?

My Pledge for a Healthier DuPage. Number 2 in a series 

Every now and then, we will be posting blogs in a series that relate to one of three qualities that we, as Democrats, strive to bring to our county and nation. We'll  give some tips on how you can help us get to these goals, together, just a step at a time.

In the same way that it came to pass that DuPage was ripe for the election of 17 Democrats where before there were but 2, we can also create a healthier DuPage to leave to our kids and grandkids.


Just pick one of these that you will try to work into your life habits this week.

1) I will plant a tree in my backyard, my community or through an organization such as American Forests ( Many municipalities list cost share programs in the spring and fall to put trees in the parkway. Go to your town's website to find out.

2) I will use a reusable mug when purchasing coffee or tea from outside vendors.

3) I will reduce my at-home water usage by seeking out ways to conserve water. Suggested actions can be found at

4) As old appliances need replacement, I will look for more efficient models with the Energy Star label.

5) I will donate to organizations that support, preserve and work to improve the environment:
Take this list for a little ride!

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