Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You can help folks keep their homes

Rebuild the Dream
Dear DuPage Democratic Blog-folk,
In the next few weeks, Congress has a chance to pass real home mortgage relief that would save 4.2 million homeowners an average of $2,500 a year... just by letting them refinance at the same low rates their neighbors pay. That's enough real money to help some folks keep their homes.
Add your name: "Congress: Deliver real mortgage relief to American homeowners!"
I'm hoping this community will lead the charge. This demands an all-hands-on-deck effort -- coordinating with partners in a national effort to pressure key senators, delivering petitions, organizing underwater homeowners to speak out, and ginning up massive press attention. And it really won't work if you're not right there with us from the start.

Add your name now.
This is the biggest proposal to come out of Congress in a long time, and it happened because folks like you were hammering on Washington to act. Let's turn this opportunity into real relief for real families.

Van and the Rebuild the Dream Team
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