Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fiddling with a 9 iron while Rome burns??

I have had a few folks who have written to our info line believing, angrily, that we are fiddling with a Golf Outing while our homeland burns. There are a few ways that that I think this needs to be addressed so permit me a paragraph or two.

Many of you may not know that the Democratic Party in DuPage actually receives no money from either the state or national parties. Many may also not know that in 2008, right before a HUGE election, the incoming chairman was left with a little less than $3000 in the county coffers to not only  pull off some major organizing and marketing but merely to keep the lights on. That was in March so we had to get moving fast. Our first big chance was to have a successful summer event and the Golf Outing suited that need. The Golf Outing is an event that brings in different supporters than, say, the membership drive (COMING UP, so get ready) or the Gala and, in order to keep your DPDC in an office, in relevancy, and on the ground in your neighborhood, we need all the streams of income we can find.

Simple as that. So, don't get teed off, tee up on June 25th.
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