Saturday, June 9, 2012

Isn't it Time to show your (grand) kids D.C? June 18-20: Let's Take Back the American Dream

Rebuild the Dream
Dear Dupage,

If there is one thing we've learned over the past four years, it's this: winning an election isn't the same thing as winning real change. It's only the first step.

This November, we have a major election to win. But December is when the real battles will take place -- the battles that will decide what kind of country America will be and whether the American Dream will have a future. That's when Congress will decide if it will:
  • Finally repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy;
  • Stop cruel cuts to basic services that millions of us rely on to survive; and
  • Pass a plan for a real economic recovery -- a budget for the 99%, not the 1%.
It's going to be a pivotal moment for our movement, and we need to get together, face to face, to organize and plan for how we'll win. In a few weeks, at the "Take Back the American Dream" conference in Washington, that's exactly what we'll do. And we need you there.

Join me at the "Take Back the American Dream" conference, June 18-20 in Washington, D.C., and be a part of this critical moment.

At the conference, we'll be joined by an all-star cast of thinkers and leaders of this movement, including Gov. Howard Dean, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Paul Krugman, Melissa Harris-Perry, Drew Westen, Sandra Fluke, Ai-jen Poo, and many others.

But the real stars at the conference will be you and fellow activists from Rebuild the Dream,, Occupy, 99% Spring, labor unions, civil rights and women's rights groups. We'll be getting together to come up with the strategies to win a progressive majority in November, and to win a progressive agenda in December.

Following a historic victory in the 2008 election, we allowed the Tea Party to take control of the conversation and stall the progressive change we needed for America. We can't let it happen again. This time, we need to be ready.

We've already built up some major momentum for the 99%, from Occupy Wall Street to Wisconsin. At the Take Back the American Dream conference, we'll be figuring out how to harness that energy and momentum into historic victories this November and December.

Register now and get a special discounted rate as part of the Rebuild the Dream community.

This time around, we'll demand a recovery plan that's built on jobs, not bailouts, and an economy that rewards working people, not the Wall Street banks that created this mess.

This time, we'll put struggling homeowners, students in debt, and tax fairness at the center of the debate about how America's economy should work. No more sacrifices from the 99% in the form of cuts to basic services, while multinationals get to game the system, military spending stays sky high, and the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% stay in place.

Rebuild the Dream is a proud partner organizing this summit for the 99%, with the Campaign for America's Future, Progressive Majority, and other groups. We need you, as a Rebuild the Dream activist, to be there representing our movement. I'll see you in Washington.

Van and the Rebuild the Dream team

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