Thursday, June 14, 2012

God never created a single job

My IL 6th District Congressman, Peter Roskam, likes to tout endless tax cuts for the billionaires and mega millionaires based on the pitch they refrain from creating millions of desperately needed new jobs due to those pesky, onerous taxes. By endlessly referring to them as "creators", Roskam and his fellow GOP leadership, frame them with the God like term "Creator" to justify lavishing them with endless largess paid for by firing hundreds of thousands of public sector workers, and discouraging any government spending to rebuild America's crumbling infrastructure. Congressman Roskam would do well to study one of the most famous of those mega millionaire entrepreneurs, Henry Ford, who knew instinctively that he didn't create a single job. 

In January, 1914, Ford's revolutionary mass production techniques caused his car capacity to far outstrip consumer demand. What to do? Ford turned to the real job creators, working folk, and raised his own workers' pay to an astonishing $5.00 a day while shortening their work day by one hour. Ford's concept percolated through the entire manufacturing sector, resulting in demand that now outstripped capacity. This caused the hiring of millions of new workers to satisfy those job creators. The emergence of the famed American middle class, now under attack by Roskam and fellow austerity hawks in the GOP House leadership, can arguably be traced to Ford's wisdom. The real job creators didn't rest on the seventh day. They went for a drive. 

Walt Zlotow,
Precinct coordinator in Milton Township and blogger at Heartland Progressive

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