Friday, June 8, 2012

The summer season is time to WALK YOUR TALK

You don't have to be an official "Precinct Committee Rep" to get the word out in your neighborhood. If you are reading this blog right now (and you are, right?), you can start spreading the word about the detriment it would be to turn back the hands of progress on our country by electing another "fiscal conservative" who will bring us more bloated governement ala Reagan and not even help the least amongst us along the way (all the while wearing letting their Jesus flag fly).

Phew...that was a long sentence...but not as long a sentence as we will be serving with our fellow citizens if we don't each use the lovely days and sultry evenings of summer to have a little "backyard" chat, or "walkin' the dog" chat, or "watering the lawn" chat, or "at the driving range" chat with someone we know has been putting politics on the back burner while Fox burned their brain full of crap.

I am sure you saw the news spreading like WILD FIRE, that we are more divided country than ever in history. Let's not take that lying down...GET UP, WALK, TALK. This weekend.

Turn this around with me, ok?

Amy Rohrer
Executive Director, DPDC

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