Monday, July 25, 2011

You can help DuPage Democrats protect the most vulnerable

This morning I read that Randy Ramey will head up the DuPage GOP since Dan Cronin has stepped down from that responsibility. If you know a little history of DuPage County you will remember Ramey’s stepfather, Pate Phillip, who once "ran" the County. Pate was a real "tea party" guy before that label was fashionable.

One thing I remember clearly from his tenure was senior citizens of the county complaining that increasing real estate taxes were making it difficult for them to continue to meet rising expenses on fixed incomes. Pate’s response to the seniors? He told them to move to another county. Can you imagine that? So much for listening to constituents about their issues and attempting to serve them well.

This type of mindset is prevalent now within the Republican Party. What we are fighting for is not just to win so Democrats can take over DuPage politics. The reason for winning is for the greater good of ensuring that the most vulnerable among us will be served with respect and dignity. With Republicans at the helm—nationally, statewide, or locally—our most vulnerable are at risk.

It has never been more important to energize our base and to get them mobilized in this effort. No job is too big or too small for a volunteer to take on during this time. We need you to come forward to help elect Democrats in 2012!

If you think you can help by using your talents and skills or just by doing the smallest chore, call me at Dem HQ at 630-629-1125 or drop me an email at

Best regards,

Cathy Sewell

First Vice-Chair

Democratic Party of DuPage County

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