Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Redistricting Update!

By Brenna Conway

Guess what, DuPage Dems? It looks like Representative Franco Coladipietro won’t be running for re-election after all. He’s decided the job is too time-consuming, according to a recent Daily Herald article.
Had he decided to run, Coladipietro probably would have gotten through the primary unopposed, even though his new district ropes him right in with Rep. Randy Ramey. Representative Ramey has geared up to run against Senator Carole Pankau and doesn’t appear to be changing his plans even with news of Coladipietro dropping out.

What does this mean for DuPage Democrats? The new districts have really given us a great opportunity to elect Democrats at the state level. With Coladipietro out of the running, this is one more house seat we should work hard for! Bloomingdale Township, I hope you’re ready for a fight!

Want to know more? Here’s the Daily Herald article by Mike Riopell with the details:

Brenna Conway is Associate Executive Director of the DPDC. She comes from a background in political organizing having worked on Governor Quinn's campaign in 2010 and on campaigns in Milwaukee.

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