Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Superman 2050 Adventure

...and an adventure it is.

The performance I attended was in Link's Hall at the corner of Sheffield and Clark in Wrigleyville. Have you ever tried parking in Wrigleyville?

Link's Hall is a classic old brick building in the middle of everything. It's was a sultry 95 degrees out, and people are walking, biking, driving, riding scooters and motorcycles, dining on sidewalk patios under party lights. It was lovely chaos in the streets, and I was extremely lucky to find side-lot parking for $5.00 per hour just two blocks away and ten minutes before show time.

Did I say Link's Hall was old? As in so old it was 85 degrees plus inside? I have to hand it to the performers, because this show is all pantomime dance!

That's right, eight people on a four-by-ten foot platform three feet up transport you right into a better world using only tights-clad bodies in motion and voice. The only prop was a single pair of glasses.

I was flatly and joyfully amazed. The energy and cleverness was superb. The contrast between stark stage setting and brilliant imagination was surreal.

The show is being done in partnership with the Midwest High-Speed Railroad Association (http://www.midwesthsr.org). MHSR Spokesperson Madelein opened and closed the performance, to great applause on both ends.

I saw the production taping of the show. It will be available on DVD through Theater Unspeakable soon. Superman 2050 is touring the Midwest exclusively via passenger rail, and has dates all over the region scheduled. There will also be a performance upcoming at Second City.

Hats off to Superman 2050 for promoting a better world through superior dance!

All the best,


Midwest High Speed Rail Association: http://www.midwesthsr.org

Link's Hall: http://www.linkshall.org/index.shtml

Theater Unspeakable: http://un-speak-able.com/wp/

(Theater Unspeakable on Twitter: http://twitter.com/2050Superman )

Second City: http://www.secondcity.com/

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