Wednesday, July 13, 2011

HELP TURN A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU BLUE; Become a Precinct Representative Now

By Catherine Sewell

There is a simple, but powerful way for you to help elect Democrats in 2012. Join us by becoming a Precinct Representative.

Thanks to redistricting, DuPage Democrats have an unprecedented opportunity to win seats in places we have never won before. Our work is more critical now than ever and volunteers are stepping up and making it happen in DuPage County by helping to recruit Precinct Representatives, also known as Precinct Committeemen.

Precinct representatives talk to their neighbors about the issues and why we need to elect Democrats in 2012. You’re probably already the go-to source in your neighborhood for info on the issues. Make it official by becoming a PR. The need is great, especially in some districts.

In just two months, we’ll be busy collecting petition signatures needed to elect PRs so your commitment now is critical. Democrats now have more of a chance than ever to shape the future of DuPage County! Become someone who can make a difference in 2012 by becoming a PR in DuPage County.

Call me at 630-629-1125 to learn more about how you can help by becoming a PR.

Catherine D. Sewell is First Vice-Chair, Democratic Party of DuPage County. She and her husband, John Sewell, have lived in Villa Park for 35 years. Their daughter, Margaret, lives in Elmhurst.

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